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insurance for a couple of months - is it possible?



I doubt it, or if they do it might be quite expensive.
You best bet is to get insurance through a company where you can pay a
monthly direct debit, which will make it easier on cash flow.
Be careful if you then decide to cancel the insurance after a couple of
months because there may well be penalties.
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ISTR you can get a cover form practically anyone, then cancel the
policy and get a refund. I tried this with NFU and it worked.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On 4/7/06, [Email address removed] <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Renate, not aware of anyone who offers short period insurance.
Without wishing to cause offence -
You are running a huge risk driving with no insurance. All the police computers are interlinked with the insurance / MOT and road tax computers - so any plod can check the full status of your vehicle.
Non insurance is viewed very dimly by the police. You can expect not only a hefty fine but more crucially for you - your vehicle will be impounded. You then have a limited period of time to sort all the paperwork, pay all the fines, pay the tow charges, the storage charges etc and your insurance company will charge more due to the additional 6 or so points on the licence. Plus if the vehicle has no MOT then this is virtually impossible.
Fail to pay on time - and there are no extenuating circumstances - you loose the vehicle. Result one broken hearted Renate.
It's not that you intend having an accident, someone could drive into the back of you - this happened to me.
Get the vehicle sorted and insured. Meanwhile park it up.
Regards Gareth.
Get a 12 month policy as normal, suspend it when you dont need it then
start it again when you do. As far as I know there is no penalty for
this. Just tell them it's off the road for work to be done.
Regards, Clive.