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Intercooler kits 1-HDFT



On 27 Aug 2004 at 11:05, Gareth Jones wrote:
Huber or Mayr in Germany once made an air-water-air intercooler for
HDJ80, with their bi-turbo kit (they still do for the HDJ100 I
believe, with a claimed 200km/h after regearing).
But you add complexity to your system (not to mention 2x 480W fans on
the front-mounted radiator....no scoop on the hood/bonnet....and they
weren't pleased when I asked how that stuff had to be powered by a
12v/50A alternator....:)).
Also ask Maarten for his opinion about this kit....:))
PS, about the attached Excel-pricelist AAI:
Anyone a clue what a boost-control knob is for?
Just for fun, temporarily over-boost, or compensation at high-
altitude? (where, *until* the waste-gate opens (much later!), you
still have less compression than at sealevel!)
(also wondering what the downside, if any, of a sports-cam would
Willem-Jan Markerink
The desire to understand
is sometimes far less intelligent than
the inability to understand
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Hello W.J.,
I am not sure about which setting it controls, but it could be either fuel
supply, waste gate, or both.
For landrovers, there's a bost box available that enables you to run a TD5
engine on a higher boost pressure. Currently you can only run you vehicle at
15psi - the boost box allows you to up the boost pressure to 20psi, or for
competition vehicles up to 30psi. Anything up to 30psi will require a modified
hybrid turbo-charger. If you have an intercooler and chipped engine, you
canget some extra power but how long the engine will survive is another
On the fuel supply side, the control acts like a performance/economy switch.
It's useful when you take the vehicle for MOT inspection and don't want to
fail on the emission test.
London UK
'92 HDJ80