intercooler - on top, or in front?



Roman et al,
Logic tells me that situating a cooling device directly on top a huge
thermal mass, the engine, is not a smart move. Heat rises and in theory
would negate the cooling effect of the smallish intercooler.
But logic tells me a Bumble Bee should not be able to fly !!
The AAL intercooler is huge, the std 100 series is small.
Situating the intercooler in the front of the vehicle and most
importantly square on to the air flow is the best design.
Obviously available space is critical in any project and if you have
not got the room well ... hard luck.
Is the objective of the intercooler to gain more power or to reduce
thermal stresses on the engine, ah sorry it's both isn't it !!!
Seriously though if the latter is important then free flowing big bore
exhaust system will drop EGT's as the lack of back pressure will promote
better cylinder scavenging. You will also gain some power increase and
Good luck whatever you do.
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