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Introduce myself


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Jul 26, 2022
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Hello all!
we bought a year ago a land cruiser 70 series from 1986. It was used as a real offroad car so he suffered a lot. There were real holes in the bodywork.
So are first thing we did was the welding of new rear fenders on both sides. When that job was done he looked a lot better.

we have slowly continued with adjustments because we want to make it an overlanding land cruiser.
We made a box in the back with drawers and made a roof rack to carry things.

this summer we would go on a road trip for the first time, but the car thought different about that.
Literally the last day before the holiday the engine breaks. We had first a real loud knocking sound and then ... nothing. We had the tow truck take him back home.

The whole vacation goes to working on the car. We finally saw that the bearings of the pistons were broken.

Now that the land cruiser has finally been completely disassembled, we have decided to restore it properly.

I'd love to keep you posted on how this project progresses!
Hi Priiske,
Nice looking 70 series! What engine does it have, a 3B, a 1HZ? I bet it would be fun to go overlanding in 70 series, I use one as my daily driver and love it!
Looking forward to some reports on the restoration, good luck!