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Ironman Suspension Lift


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Mar 4, 2010
Finally! Ironman 2'' Lift.



Next to Claire's 90, the difference can be clearly seen!
You know its dangerous to have a lift like that and not uprate the tyres ;)
It's been a pretty up lifting weekend all round. One OME and 2 IMs.

How does it feel? My new IM set up feels distinctly 'alright'. Nothing more. Not super floaty and nice, not harsh, not particularly active - just very normal. Will have to wait until LF weekend to give it a go.


Cannot afford it if i wanted to, got Morocco looming in October!
Paul said:
You know its dangerous to have a lift like that and not uprate the tyres ;)
x 2! First thing I thought when I saw your pics was BIGGER tyres needed :lol:

Congrats on getting it done ;)
On the road it doesn't feel too dissimilar to the OEM suspension, it certainly is not harsh or anything. The body roll is much less making cornering more slick and the shock absorbers are much better so even when you do hit a bump, there is no rebound, it is simply ironed out.

Overall, very happy, did exactly what it said on the tin, 50mm lift and the kit certainly looked well engineered, at least equivalent to the OME sets i have seen.

LF will be the acid test, see what it is like on the rough stuff.

Oh and i can't recommend West Coast 4x4 highly enough, nice bunch, very professional, know their cruisers.
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Nice Tommo,

What made you choose Ironman over OME? I was speaking to some guys in SA about Ironman, it seems more popular than OME. The general consensus was: they are exactly the same. Guys on IM love them, guys on OME love them.
Price wise, Ironman seem to be better...
Well a lot of it was down to price tbh.

I spoke to Paul at West Coast 4x4 (top bloke, definitely worth a phonecall) and he said that OME, TJM, Ironman are all built in the same factory using the same processes and materials and indeed if you look at the spec of the two then they use all the same features.

From what i hear OME is generally a bit stiffer and carries loads better, than Ironman which will give you a more 'OEM like' ride but still gives you the lift and is generally stronger (than OEM).

The way it was sold to me was that if you run a safari company or spend a great deal of time heavily loaded over poor surfaces (or hammer it at pay and play sites!) then you want OME, essentially it is tougher than Ironman. Another reason for this is that OME is more readily available in places like africa.

However, if like mine, your motor spends the majority of the time on the road and only gets the occasional off road excursion then you'll probably want Ironman. This is because the ride is better, it is still stiffer and stronger than standard and will stand up to any amount of greenlaning and short overlanding trips like Morocco (few weeks at a time) but is nice and comfy.

My whole kit including fitting came to £595, if i were to go for OME then it was £740 for the bits and then i'd have had to fit it myself.....

Disclaimer: All of this is entriely my own opinion!
The truck looks really good (looks great in Black anyway IMO) :cool: - I'm looking forward to my own Ironman suspension upgrade later this Summer.

Interested to know what size tyres you are running - are they 265/70R16 or 265/75R16?

I'm wondering whether you could "upgrade" even bigger with just that lift and no other mods?
They're just standard sized 265/70/16's. You could easily go up to 265/75/16's if you wanted to, perhaps even bigger?

I probably wont though, i generally think that if Mr T says thats the right size, who am i to quibble!
Tommo&Claire said:
..... i generally think that if Mr T says thats the right size, who am i to quibble!

Fair enough. :)
Looks great Tommo :)

I'd have words with Mr 'Yota about his tyres sizes though ;-)

Glad to hear WC4x4 did you proud - MUX is heading to them for a weeklong 'health spa' with them next week...
Hello Tommo!

I am from Sri Lanka and I own a Toyota LC Prado 1997 LWB - KZJ95W/1KZTE.

I am planning on changing my standard suspension with an Ironman suspension as I have been told that I could expect a firmer ride. Right now I have new front and rear shocks with new Toyota rear coil springs and the ride is very spongy with a lot of "thuds" in the front and "bottoming" in the rear!!! Our roads are not that great!!

The recommended fittings are;
Struts - 12691GR . Coil springs TOYO38C for the turbo diesel model.
Rear Shocks - 12661GR shocks. Coil springs - TOYO39B.

Are you happy with your Ironman suspension?

Thank you

Regards - Ekendra
Ekendra, I recently fitted the ironman to my Prado, and I'm very pleased with it. The ride feels very normal and close to the original equipment, one bit of advice if you intend to fit it yourself is to buy an hydraulic spring compressor, it will save you lots of time as it's very simple to use, you could then re-sell it with little loss !

Thank you Nick,

Do you recall the part numbers for the front and rear coils/shocks?

On another thread I have been adviced to use TOYO38B for the front instead of TOYO38C. The C version they say is too bumpy!!

I will get the suspension fitted by the supplier.


Tommo&Claire said:

Cannot afford it if i wanted to, got Morocco looming in October!

Did you see this?
Yeah, sure you can,
Here is my set of muds, standing around 32 inch, on the newer 120 series alloys.

I am in China until around November, December, or January, hell, I might even stay until April :thumbup:
But you could collect when you wanted.