Is our 80's a Yanmar marine moteur?



Hello the guys,
Well some guy I meet here recently did tell me that ours hdt & hdft
moteurs is both the two a Yanmar marine moteur. That Toyota does own
Yanmar, so it did fish the Yanmar moteur from it's marine catalog.
Is this crap true or just some guy with too much wine?


Hey Bernoit
I was told a long time ago that the engines are very like the HINO truck
engines and also I heard of the story of them being boat engines aswell.
That explains why some cruiser owners think their cruiser can swim in water.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT


Oh than is this shame and ignominie for us? Well you think marine
moteurs do not get made to go up and down in speeds! They must stay
one speed for long time.
I would like to have 300cv but then my 80 do not have sea water under
butt cheeks for putting in intercooler.
2007/11/19, Rui Cruz <[Email address removed]>:
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