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JB's fuel additive etc ( chat 0



You underestimate yourself. Not only do you have the "gift of the gab" in true Irish fashion, but there is a certain (friendly) fascination to be had reading about your woes and trying to help.
And if we're going to discuss Cruiser ailments I think my front left hand CV joint is clicking under full lock + load. It's just going to have to lump it for the time being!
| Hey Christopher
| I wish I was happy to be back and thanks for the welcome, although I cant
| understand why you guys like having a pain in the arse like me who pesters
| you all about every thing. You are all just too polite for your own good,.I
| have to admit when I was away I was getting ELCO withdrawel symtoms and its
| very unpleasant.
| John C