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John's breakdown - now recommended workshops



A good point, Reno.
Perhaps we could all put forward a recommendation of good places, franchised
or otherwise, to construct a directory of =8Ctrusted=B9 wrenches?
I know we all would like to name and shame the crap guys, but I=B9m sure
Julian doesn=B9t want to lose his family home in a litigation suit! If we all
suggested guys we know do good work, it=B9s a more positive way forward and
could form a directory of help if we=B9re caught far from home.
What about it?
Neill Watson
On 1/9/06 5:18 pm, "Reno Lamb" wrote:
> Crikey, there are hundreds of us ELCOists ... there must be a number of
> ELCO-approved shops to choose from. I can give you two good recommendations,
> but unfortunately they are both in France.
> Ceferino Lamb
Hi Neill,
I have a collection of around 200 web links to UK and international
suppliers and manufacturers.
As part of my grand plan I intend to put them up on the website giving
them the opportunity to add their own information to promote their
On top of that I am going to put up a review system, more like Amazon
than the Ebay reviews so that you can do your naming, shaming and
praising and will obviously put in place a mechanism so that suppliers,
etc can put their side of the argument forward if there is any dispute.
Julian Voelcker
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