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Just Getting Started


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Jun 13, 2023
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New to the forum. We're at the very beginning of our overland adventure, finalizing the purchase of a new Troopy 4.2D in Cape Town (we're based in Northern California) and will do the conversion there. No details yet regarding mods, but I can post updates as work progresses. Should be done by year's end.

We've done two self-drives (Namibia / Botswana in 2017 & Tanzania in Feb. 2020 just before the pandemic hit full throttle) and caught the bug. Since we're thinking about semi-retiring in the coming years, we thought it would be nice to get a head start and have our own vehicle for yearly safaris before we can start doing multi-month rather than multi-week overland tours.

Looking to grow my knowledge base from the good people here.

A shot of our white Troopy rental after a 2hr drive through the mud fields in southern Serengeti ... we followed a 3 vehicle convoy (2 game vehicles + a supply truck) that made its way right through the grasslands because the usual tracks were completely impassable.


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Welcome to the forum.

This is certainly the place to grow your knowledge. Looking forward to watching your adventures.

I'd be interested to hear what your plan is regarding registering the vehicle and storing it when you're not using it. Can you keep its South African registration despite being US citizens?

Thank you for the welcome Nick.

Since this will be our first and last vehicle, we're going the pro route rather than DIY, and are working with Paul Marsh for the entire process. Through his associates, we set up a SA company (LLC) which will own the Troopy. My wife and I are the two company directors / owners.

Storage wise, we have the option to keep it at a friend's farm along with his many trucks but that's only 3hrs north of Cape Town, so quite far from the safari destinations. I've already found two storage companies near Joburg's airport that have warehousing options with 24/7 guards. But I'm guessing Paul will have some recommendations. He will also help us get the required insurance, etc, etc. And down the road, he will be our backup if we ever run into trouble and need his advise how best to deal with any mechanical issues. He will also do some mechanical training before sending us off into the bush, which I will be very thankful for.