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KERR-Recovery general



Anyone wishing to learn more about recovery / wiching / lifting practices would be well advised to familiarise themselves with -
Apologies to those who are familiar with this site.
With regard to KER - kinetic energy recovery - this is a great way of getting a stuck vehicle "unstuck" - but only after other methods have been tried.
There are some provisos - all the operatives must know what they are doing, all recovery points on the vehicles should be reinforced and both ends of the KERR must have bridles attatched. Only then should a KER take place.
I used to Comp safari and do some trials years ago and some of the stunts I witnessed involving vehicle recovery were very dangerous. People seem to have no concept that a winch rope can snap or come off a vehicle and when it does the tension in it will cause it to whip about - if it hits you, ouch. But spectators love a stuck vehicle.
I have seen people stepping over winch ropes - an unorthodox vasectomy method !
But this is no different to rally spectators who stand on the outside of bends - mad.
Regards, Gareth Jones.