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KZJ-78 enquiries



Hi guys, my name is Gary, I live in North Wales, I have been a long
time reader of the group, first time poster, I have an imported
Prado, Japanese model, 1993 so K reg, it has a 3 litre turbo diesel
engine, some pix can be seen here, I
was wondering if anyone can answer a couple of questions for me please,
I'd like to know the weight specs of this model, i.e. kerbside, ex
works, maximum loading and so on
The maximum weight/noseweight allowable on the tow-ball, at the
moment I just hook on and it seems to drag anything up hill and down
dale without complaint but I would like to do it properly
Is there a workshop manual that anyone knows of, the closest I've
seen is a Max Ellery EP TO18 but it only has six cylinder engines in
it and not the four cylinder 1KZ-TE that is in mine
Can anyone tell me what the fuel consumption should be on this model,
all I can say is that it is large especially with air-con running
Can anyone tell me about the selectable shock absorbers, when pressed
the battery gauge dips as if current is being supplied but nothing
obvious changes to the ride and also does anyone know how the
headlight washers work, what ever is running when the screen wash
activates nothing happens at the lights
I am very happy with it and I'm having great fun, It seems to attract
attention wherever it goes and there is no shortage of interested
onlookers wanting to talk about it
Thanks in advance, and for the great group, regards, Gary
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