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Ladders for an 80



I appreciate that I am a tad late in responding to this thread, sorry.
But there is an alternative to a ladder, either fixed or one that can
be demounted from the roof rack. The 80's and 70's we used to get
from TGS in standard aid agency form we had fitted with ladder rungs
on the rear LHS 'D' pillar . There are 2 or maybe 3 at the most in
the kit - the rear bumper being used as the first step.
These are individual rungs bolted to the pillar. They come ready
shaped to fit the curve of the pillar and have a similarly custom
designed reinforcing plate placed inside the pillar. They are made of
stainless steel and remain there for the life of the vehicle. They
don't come loose or leak and are virtually unnoticeable until you
'look' for them. So they never get in the way of other activities
around the back of the vehicle, but are compatible with both the
troopie door or tailgate options. They must be more aerodynamic than
a ladder frame by virtue of the fact that they are so small and have
no frame. There is certainly no wind noise from them anyway. I
appreciate that making holes in the bodywork of any vehicle is always
best avoided but I think that by the time one has got round to
fitting it out to do serious overlanding etc. then its a bit academic.
I know that there are some issues with some swing-out tyre carriers
that fit to the rear RHS pillar in terms of internal reinforcing if
not fitted as OEM. But these rungs are always fitted as an accessory
and easily take the weight of my gorilla proportions. Looking at TGS
website or some of the Oz sites might locate them. HTH
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus