land anchor

chris lc90

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2 years ago i stucked in a mud area..alone ..(dimensions 60 mtrsx 60 mtrs)so when came a rescue car it wasnt possible to catch me..also no trees around..this was a lesson for me..must be fully independent
from that moment carrying always 100 mtrs extra wire to the car plus belts 50 mtrs totally
but i start to construct my land anchor to the same dimensions and weight as a brand name..
i had only 4 dimensions weight length height breadth so i must design it to a scale in a paper
5mm steel plate everywhere ... %20anchor/

finally the construction has 16,2 kgs not because of wrong calculations but of reinforcing some points
..if there is any chance to brake somewhere the anchor (original or not ) this point will be as u ll see to the first photo(with the red arrow) i weld 2 small plates to the vertical steel plate and 2 tie rods make the constuction more heavily ... %20anchor/

in a while u ll see it in action
Looks the business!

If anyone else wants one and don't have the time to engineer one I can personally recommend a little Welsh Company called

South African Ex-pat Couple that loves the Outdoors and specialise in 4x4 Accessories for that Green Oval Badge mob... :shh:

The other stuff is great, light bars, bush cables etc.

Give them a buzz for anchors!! :dance:


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How well do the land anchors work? I've never seen one used in person. The idea makes sense but if there is just dirt to grab, would it hold? I would think it would need something more firmer to grab, otherwise it would just plow the ground.