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Land Cruiser 80 Tray Back Conversion for camper


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Mar 1, 2010
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Right then people, i realise i have consumed quite a bit of old specled hen tonight but that in no way clouds my judgement, however, may affect the spelling.

The 80 seems to become more and more like a camper which had me thinking about alternatives, as however much you do you still have to go under canvas, i like my long distance trips but its more about the drive rather than the destination or sights on the way.

I have done some research on toyota camper vans as below which seem very good: ... Motorhomes

and also importing hilux campers from Japan (you'll have to scroll down):

But i cant quite justify a second vehicle or tear myself away from the 80 so the current plan could be to chop down the 80 to a tray back and get a demountable camper:

I have seen a very nice job done by west coast 4x4 on chopping down an 80 but more for off roading than expedition and i know our very own Graham Sterling is doing one, but any other alternatives?
You might find this of interest.


I remember reading about this 80 converted to a motorhome.

Not removable though :)
Managed to find a copy of the old article... Landcruiser80.pdf
I met Gerald in Ulaanbaatar and his 100 with camper conversion was an excelent piece of kit. The only downside is the cost, and apparently they don't depreciate much either so a second had one is out of the question as well. (for some reason photos dont seem to be working on the site, they were yesterday)
Innovation Campers in Germany also do some very nice looking conversions for different vehicles.
Spotted this lovely bit of kit a couple of years ago on Skye. Didn't get the chance to speak to the owners unfortunately.
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Looks very similar to the one I saw on Aberdeen Promenade




Probably music to Ecomans ears, but looks easier and cheaper to buy a hilux and camper body. ;)
Aye but to be honest i would have a 70 series pickup and camper conversion any day :D
Hilux for snow fun :thumbup: