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Landcruiser 200 series

Frank Lawrence

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Jan 23, 2019
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Hi I have recently upgraded from a 100 series to a 2019 L200 V8 landcruiser with one of these new fangled keyless entry key fob thingos.
My question revolves around that fact that I do a lot of swimming at isolated beaches by myself and I don't usually take any bags etc and leave the bag on the beach for all the tea leaf's to steal it with my keys in. In my old cruiser I used to tuck and hide the actual key up under the roo bar or mudguard. With these electronic keys if I hide it on the vehicle someone only has to touch the door handle to open the car up and get into the car as the electronic key is within the range of the car door handles etc.
Is there some kind of lock box that I can buy to bolt or attach to the car that actually isolates the signal from the electronic key so no buggers can't steal my car while I am swimming or some such??
I would appreciate any advice for this modern problem with electronic key less entry.
Thank you
Google "Faraday Bag". Or just hide the key nearby. You have to be very close to the car for it to start.
i thought there was a physical key integrated into the fob (I have that on Toyota 'ordinary' cars - RAV4 and Yaris Cross) so you could in theory not use the elctronic fob and use the manual key? I guess the user manual may explain the how-to bits?

I had to sell my V8 Diesel J20 biturbo - but guess I can help you too :)

- Remove the battery from the key
- remove the metall key from the knob

You can remove the metall key from the knob, which them you can open/close the door manually. You have to remove the battery therefore, that a thief cant drive away, because keyless go is working.

So you can hide the knob & battery seperated in the car, and leave just with the metall key - no problem for swimming.


To add to the above. If you take the battery out of the fob, you can open and lock the door with the mechanical key. And you can start the car by holding the batteryless fob on the start button when you press it.

Or maybe just hide the fob more than a few feet from the car. It won't open or start then either.
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I would like to thank everybody who responded, ESPECIALLY the gentleman who said to google a "Faraday bag" I found them on Amazon, 2 for ~$10 so I have bought a pair, so hopefully they will work. I had previously asked the local Toyota dealership about the problem and their only suggestion was similar to others on here about removing the battery out of the fob. It would take a lot of time and then I still would have had to hide the fob as well as the battery somewhere.
Anyway you guys have been very informative so thank you all. Frank