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Landcruiser lj70 [creepycruiser]

Just ordered a v6 3rd from since Justin answered me and everything will fit into that 3rd :thumbup:
First mock-up of the transfer, had to cut the tubing in the frame, whcih i thought i'd have to..
2017-12-16 15.42.38 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Shortened the driveshaft between the cases another 10cm. Running volvo joint up front..
2017-12-17 11.52.51 by Vc1r, on Flickr

2017-12-17 11.53.03 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Damn close by now!
2017-12-17 13.14.31 by Vc1r, on Flickr

It's gonna be a small angle on the joint since i tilted the enginge slightly backwards but i cant see the problem..?
2017-12-17 13.24.28 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Next trouble.. Have to redo the gearbox mount, everything collides..
2017-12-17 13.24.42 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Apparantly i didnt get it on a pic, but the 4-link mounting bracket is also damn close, gonna trim it down a bit so i can get atleast a few cm!

Need ideas for the mounting of the transfer too! No obvious mounting points on it since it as a married case earlier..
Fair work mate! Well done..

For mounting the transfer I'd consider using the rear case off the R151F (If you had the original box init) because the rear case has the gearbox mount on it and you could either reintroduce the original/modified gearbox crossmember and mount it that way.... you'd need something going back to the gearbox at the top so the transfer doesn't want to tip back. Or you could fit 1/2" plate cut to size and introduce some underside armor that'll support the transfer, but still something at the top to stop the back tipping...

Looks good mate!:thumbup:
Since i am so lucky that there is a guy in Sweden that has also divorced his lj70 transfer case i kindly asked him for some pics how he fabricated the mounts, so it's all clear now =D Will hopefully get it stated tomorrow, do need to buy another bushing though as he has used 3, and i had thought about using 2..
Christmas update!

PTO cover was used as a template and the new cover is the mount!
2017-12-26 16.09.01 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Other side..
2017-12-26 16.09.06 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Cut-out for the bolt and the 4wd light switch..
2017-12-26 16.09.10 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Other side..
2017-12-26 16.09.23 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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2017-12-30 13.34.25 by Vc1r, on Flickr

2017-12-30 13.34.30 by Vc1r, on Flickr

2017-12-30 13.34.36 by Vc1r, on Flickr

New vs old, new is a bit beefier...
2017-12-31 11.19.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr

2017-12-31 11.19.20 by Vc1r, on Flickr

About where i want it..
2018-01-01 11.31.21 by Vc1r, on Flickr
I wouldn’t worry too much about the prop angle you’re seeing there, the real test will be when it’s on it’s wheels and the chassis/transmission is showing the final angle.

AFAIK, as long as there’s some deflection to rotate the UJ needles, you should be ok.
Clive, im not talking about the F/R outputs, i meant the input from the gearbox, it's gonna be on a slight angle, but hey, that's what joints are for, right? besides im going to mount a hardy disc aswell, since the merc uses one stock..
FINALLY! After some months i decided it was time to crank the engine! and after getting fuel and having some good working batteries she fired right up! Ofcourse i filmed it ;)

The ones of you that see the error in the video where i am starting the engine, just shut the fuck up, will ya :shh:
Apparantly paper isn't a good plug for the oil cooler outlet on the auto box :lol:
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2018-01-13 16.24.13 by Vc1r, on Flickr

2018-01-13 16.24.20 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Due to change of plans as for the body, and scrapping the yota body, and getting a factory 1½ pickup cab instead the wheelbase turned out a tad short, with 40" tires which im planning for about a 3rd of the wheel would've been under the cab :eusa-snooty: So planted the grinder in the chassis yesterday and started pulling it apart, so, instead of 2.6m wheelbase im now getting 2.8m..

The extension will consist of 2x 8mm flat bar weled to the inside of the frame, one on the inside and one on the outside, both at the vertical cut and also holes i've cut in the frame like this

2018-01-14 11.49.21 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Will probably add some more inside the frame between the 2 flat bars, and then all of this will get covered up by 3mm metal that i'm joining up the frame with again..
Finally got a new bdy for the yota home:dance: Scored an S10 for only €350 Didn't have a motor or trans, but thats on the plus side, less junk for me to deal with! Also, the body is super nice! only 70.000kms on the odo, 99% rust-free and no dings, me thinks me made a hell of a bargain!

However.. One flat tyre, and wrong offset on the front wheels, so had to flip them outside in, in order for them not to bind.. :lol:
2018-01-20 11.42.23 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Bed full of things..
2018-01-20 11.42.32 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Dont ask me why, but he left this piece on the bed too, that's about €500 :wtf:
2018-01-20 11.42.38 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Chaos.. But, no worries since i am scrapping 90% in here.. Probably gonna get rid of the wiring aswell, and make my own loom..
2018-01-20 11.42.48 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Also, had a buyer on the front crown wheel and pinion, so tore the diff apart in a hurry on saturday, today i reassembled it witht the new 5.29 gears in like 2 hours:clap: No pics, but pinion depth was pretty much spot-on on the first try :clap: And got a nice drag too! Decided on reusing the old bearings tho as nothing was wrong with them!
2018-01-21 16.19.59 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Did manage to do some to the frame too, welded the inner 8mm flat bar on both sides, and started bridging the gap i've made stretching it..
2018-01-21 16.07.18 by Vc1r, on Flickr

So, gonna finish the frame work next weekend after i've stripped the old body, ready for the junkyard, then im gonna take the front axle off and do that, since i've begun stripping it now.. Have changed my plans a bit too, wont be using the stock trailing arms, gonna go 3-link that front bish. Might even (probably:icon-cool:) dithc the steering rack and go hydraulics :icon-cool:
After hours and hooouuurs of welding and grinding im finally done witht he frame extension, boring and tedious work but hopefully i can get back to what i should be doing now!

2018-01-28 16.01.15 by Vc1r, on Flickr
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So apparantly a company here in Sweden is about to order a bunch of trepadors, they offered 37" and 40" so decided to place an order on 4 of the smaller 37"s...

JUST KIDDING. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Ofcourse i went all out and ordered the 40" :banana-blonde: It's not the sticky version tho, but the comp, as far as price goes, it wont be much cheaper then this, landed right at €379 per tire!
Fron axle removed and getting rust and old paint stripped off..
2018-02-10 11.02.31 by Vc1r, on Flickr

This is as far as i got today before i ran out of gas.. Ended up with an ordinary 3-link with a panhard bar, went the lazy way though and ordered a finished adjustable OME one from lowrange..
DSC_0153 by Vc1r, on Flickr

DSC_0154 by Vc1r, on Flickr

DSC_0155 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Got some nice cash in too as i sold the old wheels and tires today.. :icon-cool: Might need those for the new 40's.. :icon-biggrin:
Bushings finally arrived this friday, and ofcourse this beauty too, went the lazy (But expensive way) and ordered an OME adjustable panhard..
2018-02-24 10.23.51 by Vc1r, on Flickr

One side almost done, just gotta get the top link bracket in place first..
2018-02-25 13.23.00 by Vc1r, on Flickr

10 degreees, same as the rear end..
2018-02-25 13.23.14 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Also. Preeeeeeeeeety sure im going full hydro steering :shh:
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Spot-welded the top mount until i can test it some..
2018-03-04 16.06.04 by Vc1r, on Flickr

2018-03-04 16.06.10 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Other side welded..
2018-03-04 16.04.32 by Vc1r, on Flickr

after that, Panhard.. Made out of 2 pieces, 5mm
2018-03-04 16.04.46 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Had to cut and shorten the new panhard i bought to make it fit, as the lj's is pretty narrow in the front frame and it was for a newer model landcruiser (100 maybe?)
2018-03-04 16.05.03 by Vc1r, on Flickr

2018-03-04 16.05.25 by Vc1r, on Flickr

I thiink it shouldn't break...
2018-03-04 16.05.46 by Vc1r, on Flickr

2018-03-04 16.06.13 by Vc1r, on Flickr
Well. New meats arrived in Sweden Tuesday this week, and have just got them 500km closer to home for free, so gonna pick em up on Friday on my way home from work..

Some picks from the importer, all sets already sold!!





Baby size :mrgreen:


Also picking up a brand new oribtrol, and piston and some other hydro steering stuff at the same time!
Did a couple of spotwelds on the axle panhard mount, then a quick test! 20cm of air under the tire when the bracketry hit the frame, so im pleased :thumbup:
2018-03-10 14.10.21 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Lots of air everywhere.. :dance:
2018-03-10 14.10.42 by Vc1r, on Flickr

And as i thought, with the Panhard mounted the top link cleared the engine beautifully and travelled straight up between the frame and oilpan! Success! :clap:
2018-03-10 14.13.56 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Moved the frame mount a few cm towards the rear, makes for a tight fit against the top link, but clears! I'm gonna flip the bolt however, then i'll get a few extra mm clearance..
2018-03-10 14.14.23 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Fully welded mounts..
2018-03-11 16.22.40 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Some reinforcements on the top link frame mount..
2018-03-11 16.22.49 by Vc1r, on Flickr

So, with all that done, AIRSHOCKS! :icon-cool: Fully erect at the time though, gonna calculate the length so i get 10cm uptravel, that should give me somewhat of 15cm wheellift i believe.. (i have 16cm between the frame and panhard mount, that gave me about 20-23cm wheellift)
2018-03-11 16.22.59 by Vc1r, on Flickr

How much clearance is needed between the frame and shock? It shouldn't really move that much in/out as it travels up and down?
2018-03-11 16.23.19 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Something like that for angle..
2018-03-11 16.23.23 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Started on the mount..
2018-03-11 16.23.30 by Vc1r, on Flickr

Thought about bending some tubing for the upper mount, but the bender i have wont do those sharp bends, so i've converted my plans to building them out of 5mm sheet metal, then hitting them with the hole-saws to lighten them a bit.. :thumbup: