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Lock-ups in London


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Mar 15, 2010
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In the process of truck hunting, i've been receiving eye-watering insurance quotes for on-street parking in London and as the front garden would barely fit a smart car, I'm wondering if there are more creative ways to park the vehicle given that it seems to have a big impact on the insurance prices. There seems to be an odd garage for rent around the place but London garages are pretty small for a truck...the rent on these negates the off-street price reduction anyway.
I feel your pain.

I've stayed all over London and strangely it seems to me my quotes increased the further out I went. West Hampstead was cheaper for me than Muswell Hill, etc. Then I moved out to Sutton Surrey and my quotes were even higher. My motorcycle insurance doubled. :roll:

Maybe the distance thing is a coincidence.

I guess if you live on the border of another borough you can offer to park on the street at a different address and see if that reduces the price. Worth a try anyway
Given your options (renting a garage or moving house) I think biting the bullet on the premiums is your cheapest bet unfortunately. :mrgreen:

Have you tried getting quotes from the more "4x4-oriented" companies yet? 2Gether, NFU, Adrian Flux etc all seem to offer much lower premiums because they can put LCs into a special class of some sort, which means lower premiums. If you do this, you might have some of the pain eased on the premiums and simplify your choice a little :idea:

Yeah, i have spoken to a couple of others since and Carol Nash ended up the best - 50% cheaper than Adrian Flux who had frankly scared me. CN were initially worried about bull bars but of course the one i'm looking at has a [ahem :) ] winch bar which is fine. NFU said "London? No way" and a couple of others balked. All stress the need for an immobilser which certainly isn't ideal but hey, if it the difference between insuring and not, immobiliser it is.