Love my 120


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I am in england
Jul 25, 2010
Brackley, Northants
Picked up my 120, had it into my friendly independant garage for a service and decided to pay to have the injector washers checked and oil pickup pipe inspected as well as the 2 front wheel bearings replaced.

Lo and behold, they struck copper so these have been changed as a precaution. Given it has done just over 100K miles I'm glad I had this checked out and hopefully that should eliminate the risk of a popped engine.

What a delight to drive, love it, love it, love it.

Now the challenge is to get some Grabber AT2's, BlackCircles will do me a great deal for 5 - once they can get hold of stock as there is a shortage apparently. Fingers crossed and bring on winter :dance:

Can't make Lincomb in October which is a real shame as I wanted to learn the capabilities on the non destructive format, so looking for a cheap training day for me and Mrs locally.

While I was looking to buy, I posted loads on this forum so just a quick thank you to everyone who offered advice and knowledge.



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I am in england
Mar 1, 2010
If you cant make oct at lincomb dont forget about the one in sept for overlanders, still lots of good info.
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Mark Meggy

New Member
Aug 7, 2010
general grabber at2's for good price at paddocks currently...just fitted 4 this am and rather happy about it...
if you do ring them about tyres speak to darrell, he will sort you out.
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