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LPG filler hose replacement?

BRE Fabrications LTD

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May 15, 2010
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I need to relocate the LPG filler on my Landcruiser. I would like to install it alongside the petrol filler. In order to do so i need to replace the existing filler hose with something a bit longer. This brings me to my question:

Does anyone here know if there is an isolation valve on the tank i can shut off before removing the existing filler hose, or do i need to run the tank empty first and then do the swap?

Any info would be much appreciated.

The filler valve on the tank should be none-return so removing the pipe from the valve (not the valve from the tank ;) ) should be ok. There should be a manual shut off on the valve though. If there is a plastic cover over the valve on the tank then you will need to remove that and look for a lever to move. The covers rotate and then lift off.

EDIT: Is the install certified / been inspected? The installer should have created an owners manual for the LPG install telling you the location of shut off valves, type of equipement installed etc and how to fill it.
Hey Jon,

Thanks for the info. Pulled the hose off today and didn't get a face full of gas so all good there. The cruiser had the LPG conversion done before i purchased it and does have a certificate. No manual or handbook though. Thanks for pointing out it should have come with one. I'll contact the PO and see if he doesn't still have it.