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LPG running effects on 80



Thanks 4 that.
I havn't run LPG recently in mine but likely will do so as prices keep climbing here (Colorado/USA).
I also had issues during the cold winter months in Scotland and that was due to not running long enough on petrol starting b4 switching over. Was lack of 'heat' in the vaporiser.
Interesting the 'gum-up' effect.
Are your injectors 'direct' LPG injection or going into 'carb-type mix b4 trottle body(which mine is)'?
Peter Browning wrote:
Hi Brendan
My LPG system is the older single point injection type. It was basically
starting on petrol and almost immediately switching over to LPG because of
the 2000 rpm trigger level and the injectors gummed up because petrol sat in
them which was then cooked onto the nozzle, obviously nothing was going
through them to keep them washed.
As to the evaporator heating up I've been advised not to switch over to LPG
until there's enough coolant flow to supply hot air from the heater, simply
using the engine temp gauge as a guide is not sufficient. Now I leave the
system on petrol only for about 5 miles then manually switch it over.