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My 1997 Colorado


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Mar 22, 2010
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Well I was in the market a while back for a Hilux Surf, but then decided to rather get a Colorado. So happy I rather went for a LC. Well to be honest the original plan was to ride a KLR650 with SWAMBO as pillion from the UK to South Africa :D :D . But then I thought 'what if kids arrive in the meantime!?' so the plan changed to a 4x4. I knew it had to be a Toyota.

Got one for a decent price, 1997 Auto Diesel.
As I bought it, with about 120k on the clock:


First mod was to put a roof rack on it. Not the prettiest rack, but it'll do the job, at a reasonable price :p

Then got the 'ol cracked head. :x

Then picked up a 600 euro A-Bar for +-£100, including spots:

Next thing was to put some decent tyres on. Decided on the GG AT2's after hearing glowing reports from other members of this forum):

Well Crispin kindly organised an outing to Salisbury Plain which was perfect to test the tyres out:

And get muddy :D


I have since added a snorkel and OME suspension

The scooter I use to get around London :lol: :

One for Gav ;) My Cortina that is waiting patiently for me in SA. Needs some TLC in the engine department but after standing for months on end, all it needs is the battery charged and it fires up no problem :)

Still to do: Cargo barrier (bought an arc welder cheap on eblag so I'm going to attempt knocking one up myself), rear storage solution (nothing fancy) , awning, starter motor contacts as preventative measure, isolate one battery, increase cores in rad, separate oil cooler, bash plates etc...
I like thee transformation posts. Good to see the changes folk do to their LC's.

Might do one for my one... oh hang on, it's been done already :twisted:
Looks great! :cool:

Those GG AT2 do look the business, don't they?......and that paintwork :shock: obviously you've been busy! ;) :)
Looking good mate :mrgreen:

Just been watching long way down on dvd, gotta say it does look much more fun in a 4x4 than on a bike ;)
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