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Aug 16, 2010
I will post some pics when I can but I am on as well---a great resource for FJ/BJ owners!

I live in Norfolk UK and have a 71 FJ40 with a 2f and 4 speed from a 79

I am desperately seeking a hard top in good shape though if anyone can point me in the right direction


Well a few things have happened and I have the 40 in being painted (Post Office Red) and yesterday I finally got to see the first coat as there have been some delays due to getting the paint booth built and the ventilation/extraction/lighting/ and heating sorted! Waiting on trades to get their bits done! (sound familiar to anyone?)

took the soft top off and cleaned and recolored/waterproofed it
Found a hard top and just need to pick it up and get it restored and painted

got a 1HDT from a 80 series and got a 88 60 series rolling chassis
Ordered a 1hz Safari clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, fork clips & throw out, new pilot bearing, hj4* motor mounts, and a 1hz to h55 bell housing, and a 1HZ fine spline input shaft for a h55 from ROODOGS 4x4 in Oz

Found someone familliar with the H55/1HDT project and am going to drop the gearbox/transfer off for teardown, inspection, and shaft change and maybe rebuild depending on condition

Then the plan is to swap the discs from the front from the 60 to the 40, then use the brake conversion kit for the rear discs (POSER on

Pull the emer brake gear and have a go at hooking up the 60 emer brake set up to a set of Cadillac Eldorado Calipers with the emer brake built into the caliper and see how that works

Probably going to use the 60 props as blanks to get props made up to fit since they will fit the transfer but the diff end flange will have to be changed and then shortened/lengthened to match

will probably hold onto the whole drivetrain I got cause I dont think anything can go wrong that would be a show stopper but you never know and I like a bit of insurance backing me up!

Then I will prolly strip all the new parts off and ebay them and post up the motor and the rest here on the site---without the parts that I spent spo much on I can probably offer it for a pretty decent price

Well it has been a while but thats the latest---I need to get some pics for this thread and for IH8MUD now!
Posted these under builds but then found my post
Finally made some progress worth posting---doors are being assembled after paint and will be on soon



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Finally got the 1hdt and 5 speed in

Drove it from Bedford to Norfolk on the motorway and through city traffic and it ran great
I now finally have confidence to take it anywhere

big thanks to Rodger for pointing me in the right directions and to Karl for the install!

Took it out in thetford forest on the one and only BOAT I know of so far and did some suspension flexing today

So plans are to do plenty of driving then some more mods over the winter---disc brakes and knuckle rebuilds are on the top of the list and just sorting out some minor things

Hoping to maybe get out to wild tracks and maybe some green laning around here---have to find the brecklands land rover club and tag along if I can and then hopefully some landcruiser meets!
Hi Bill,

That does look really good. Had a read of the i8mud thread too.

Glad to have helped.

yes I think it wouldnt be too difficult, if i were making it I would probably choose larger mirrors though
Is this what your bringing to Lincomb Bill? :icon-cool: :pray:

Looks awesome. :clap:

Damm I want a 40! :drool: