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My 80

Hello Gary thank you for reply, i think it would be a struggle to find a better one, and having the detailed history to look back on is
something pretty special.
I am sure it will go well before it works down the list of people interested.
I am only fairly local in Middlesbrough so its been good seeing all the pics of the runs out you have done on routes close to home.
Wishing you nice weather for May for the coast to coast.
So I'll post it here on the 80 thread for now but it has a replacement!!! Picking it up next weekend.
Earlier then planned but it's the right money, 42k miles invincible X.

Still got the coast to coast in May in the 80 then a few bits to remove to sell...

Screenshot_20220318-203839_Samsung Internet.jpg
Welcome to the Hilux Club Gary. You could have had mine - already built!!!!
Welcome to the Hilux Club Gary. You could have had mine - already built!!!!

Where's the fun in that!

I wanted the later one tbh, this is a 66 reg, auto, leather, full dealer history and just been serviced so a years toyota warranty.

I'd looked at some newer ones but the undersides were future nightmares! Some had little or no service history too. This was cheaper and the only compromise is the the canopy.

Plans for this are subtle (every new 4x4 I've had got more subtle every time)
Hidden winch, sliders and decent bash plates, slightly bigger tyres, the back will get fitted out but so i have usable space day to day.
Canopy will get changed to a gullwing variety too.

I could keep the 80 aswell but it's space and it'd get used even less, sell for a reasonable price and let someone else enjoy it.
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Are they actually bigger than the 80 ? some muppet who couldn't drive one had me reverse my wider than average 80 about 100 yards up a traffic crowded hill the other day because he was obviously scared to try and fit in the gap between parked cars right in front of him ,I'd have gone in there if he had dropped back a bit before a queue formed behind him :angry-screaming:
Longer, but not wider, Shayne. I don't notice much difference in width driving one or the other around the back lanes here.
All being well I'll be picking it up Saturday, I'll get some decent pics and get some next to the 80 too.
Little mileage update on the 80, been trying to keep the miles down and it's done 1000 miles since the end of November! I've nearly done that in the Hilux in a month.

Seems right to put a final trip photo on this thread, coast to coast ish done and as normal didn't miss a beat.

Was still quite clean after 5 days on the lanes, just proves don't have to go mud plugging to have a good trip.

Well on Monday I took the winch off, the wife bought me it so want to keep it.
Left the mount on behind the bumper.

Took my mini CB out that fitted in the cup holder slot, dash camera out and vhf. Cut off what felt like a hundred cables ties and a mile of tape!

This evening cleaned and conditioned the leather, cleaned all the door jams, few areas of carpet cleaned where the mats don't cover. Just need to give the rest a good wash and a polish so looking her best, may get treated to one last wax too.

Need to get the 3rd row seats out of the loft.

Need to put an advert together and take some pictures when all cleaned up.

End of an era......
End of an era indeed , 100% logical but heart and head rarely agree on such things ,I must admit a little envy for whoever buys your 80 .
If I had the space and the money I would be beating a path to your door. Always wanted a petrol 80, and this must be one of the best examples out there today. Good luck with the sale