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My hundy build…

Gary Stockton

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Sep 10, 2012
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Thought I’d start jotting down some notes, and probably scaring myself with spending tally lol.

Started with a prett clean 2005 1HD-FTE 100 series, colour says silver, it’s more grey I think…


Had 135k miles on it, south coast vehicle, fully standard with no tow-bar ever fitted so a fairly easy life…
First was to get it valeted to get the horse smell out - seems it had been lugging horse feed around. Came out beautifully, best part being closer inspection showed only minor rust issues and the body work seemed sound.

Couple of niggles - the rain sensor didn’t work - looks like the windscreen has been replaced at some point. Managed to con Toyota into a full service including timing belt and all oils for £300 (not my fault there website approved it) and managed to pull all the maintenance records for it. These are extensive - the original owner spared no expense.

Front seatbelts were crappy so new ones from RoughTrax and feel much better. Replaced a broken headlight at the same time - closer inspection shows that it looks like it’s been in a front-end bump, loads of plastic bits are broken, but no signs of more serious damage (all the HPI etc. checks are clean). Been gradually sorting that out.

Next was to tint all the windows - looks much better now.

Toyota safety report highlighted a problem with aircon and front brakes…. Decided to,tackle the brakes first. Opened that all up to discover the bearings don’t seem to have ever been serviced, so not only did I replace disks and pads, went with all new bearings and had the calipers refurbished at BiggRed (hugely recommended). Two calipers / pistons were totally seized so not doing anything. Seals etc were totally rotten so everything froze the backing plates out was replaced in the front. Rear was ok…

Then had the rims refurbished at the same time, so they ended up looking great.

Once that was all done it was a hugely improved vehicl Pulls like a train and brakes well, in a straight line lol. Alignment done at the same time and geometry is all good…

Next added a Big Country / African Outback roof rack sourced from TuffTrek, followed by a BunduTop roof tent (the best camping sleeping experience I’ve had) along with the AddedRoom awning.

Tired of the old and non-updateable satnag and 1st gen Bluetooth I followed Jon and installed a Teyes unit which brings the infotainment bit to almost 2020 levels - it’s essentially an android tablet integrated into the climate control system and works really well. Bit of a faff to install but got there eventually.

Acquired a set of OEM 16” rims, had those refurbished and stuck in 285/75x16 BFG AT tyres - vehicle is far more capable now….

Discovered the rear locker is fubar and the protection plate was kaput, so those are on their way and should be here this week.

And after much thinking I bit the bullet and sent itbtomPresevevandvProtect in Johnstone (awesome guys) who have dove a full underbody rustvtreatment using Dinitrol and weld seam. Not cheap, but totally looks like new. They supply 7 or 8 photos every day of what they’ve done and I’m now chuffed the underneath should hold up ok. No welding needed so my initial impressions were good.

MOT fail on drop links, replaced those and the rotten sway bar last year and this years MOT didn’t even get an advisory, so am very chuffed.

Aircon next - along with the rear locker is coming thevHP AC hose. I’ve a new condenser (Delvo) sitting waiting to go in so that should sort that. Still a little concerned at a rattly compressor but that will need to wait.

Added in a 12volt electrical system with 200watt Renogy solar panels going onto the tent tomorrow. Water tank is in and linked to a pump and trigger hose so that’s sorted. Next to build a packing base and get a fridge slide for the 60litre Engel.

Almost last and still on my wish list is a self-supporting 270 awning - the fox wing goes on this weekend as an interim measure.

Other more basic stuff, replaced all the bulbs with LEDs, waaay better headlights now than the candles it had.

Whilst it came with the right number of keys, one had the plastic fob taped and glued up, so that has been replaced with a much better YotaMD fob and it’s now perfect.

I think that’s it almost ready to head into the wilds

More pics to come
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Nice work Gary and the hundee looks great, look forward to hearing of the adventure in it