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New BFG tyres in London



Hello all...
I have 6 BFG all terrain tyres, 275/70 R16, 4 on the car (thanks goodness)
and 2 unused spares.
I want to buy 2 new tyres, put the unused spares on the car, keep the 2 best
old 'uns as spares and get rid of the other 2. Just wondered if anyone knew
of a reasonable tyre place within sensible distance of London. I've had a
quote of =A3293 for 2 new tyres, supplied, fitted and an extra tenner to get
the others balanced but it's just north of Northampton where I originally
bought the tyres.
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Tel: +44 20 8800 4987
Mob: +44 7831 458 793
93' HDJ81, auto, ARB, Patriot, OME springs and shocks etc etc.
Hi Jeremy,
Generally you will get the best price from Micheldever tyres in Hampshire since they are the main importers - they may do a delivery service for you.
Email: [Email address removed]
Tel:=A0+44 (0)845 508 6863
Thanks Andrew.
I'll get it sorted in a couple of weeks - still hobbling a bit with a dodgy
leg. Looks like the chaepest price I've seen too.
On 24/9/08 10:53, "A W" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: +44 7831 458 793
really don=e2=80=99t know why people go for bfg tyres, on tar they are ok however i personally i don=e2=80=99t rate them (and i have used bfg ats): the sidewalls are too soft. i like michelin xzls for overlanding and xzys for mud =e2=80=93 they=e2=80=99re not pretty but then again it=e2=80=99s not a fashion show out there in the boonies. too expensive to buy in ea so am currently using some firestone tractor tyres and these are great although noisy on tar and woe betide you if your castor/camber is way out.
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as i said in my original post, i have 6 bfgs, 2 unused. it's cheaper just to
get 2 more and carry on with the others as spares. for me, they've been
the michelins you mention are hard to get here in the uk, i don't
particularly rate them and that's the opinion of many others i know. the
bfgs may not be the best but they are the best compromise imho. my current
set have done plenty of rock and sand bashing in africa, spain, greece and
italy - the hardest roads i've driven on were in spain, and the sidewalls
have been fine. the only fault i have with them is that they're crap in mud.
but then we all know that...
on 24/9/08 11:33, "" <[email address removed]> wrote:
jeremy llewellyn-jones
mob: +44 7831 458 793