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*NEW* Lincomb October Catering Thread

Which of the otions below would you be interested in for catering at Lincomb:

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Hey, what time do we need to be there on Friday night for supper? I have spoken to the boss, but he cannot promise that we will finish work before 6, and we are about 2 hours out.
Ok I voted on the last one but my name is not on the list. Just in case I have been missed I will have every one offered for two .


It tells you at the top right of the pole if you have already voted my names not on that list either but it says i have voted for all options.
Right Dave, looking forward to sampling the meals over the weekend - booked in for the full deck buddy :icon-cool:
Got the bulk of the shopping done last night............ there is an awful lot of pig when you count the hog, bacon and sausages!
Is there a vegan option?

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We're just there for the "day" on Saturday, so won't be around for the meals (a must for next time!)

However we can always find room to accomodate a few bacon butties anytime of the day! :lol:
Really? Right, make mine double meat in that case:animals-chickencat:


Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, my truck is still at the doctors.
Chilli (add on) sauce is coming along nicely, been maturing for a week now. Got a tiny bit in a cut I didnt know I had on my finger and it hurts like hell!
Dave, very late to the party I am, but if not too late, can you please book in for 3 folk for the Saturday evening feed. We will probably also take some bacon roles off you in the morning
Yup no worries Tony.

Im aiming to arrive on site with a small advance party about 5pm (the main crew will arrive about 7pm) so dinner will be served from about 6pm as long as all goes to plan and we will be able to keep it warm till about 10pm for those who might arrive late.
Great job with the catering guys:clap:. Everything was delicious. Did you see a decent profit for your cause? Don't think you were asking enough for the car wash... Should've been a charge for every 5 mins!
thanks for the catering, top food indeed. :dance:
Really enjoyed the food thanks to the scouts and I hope the fundraising aspect of it made it a worthwhile venture
Still working out a few costs but its looking like we made enough for about £60 per person (ie. those who came to help split the profit between them which goes toward the final cost of the trip). As I said in the other thread we all enjoyed the weekend and are very grateful to everyone for supporting us.

Ill make sure I post some pictures of the trip up or maybe show a few at the next Lincomb as we will have just got back in May next year.

If anyone is around Chipping Sodbury (Nr. Bristol) any weekend this year chuck me a PM as we are running car washes most weekends so you could pop in for wash and a bacon sarnie :icon-wink:
Glad to hear you made a nice sum guys. The scran was first class. In fact I am still sat here picking at the last of the pork. lol:lol:
Anyone have any criticisms or things we could change/offer/do better if we were do it again?