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New member from Aberdeenshire


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Aug 12, 2023
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Good morning.
I have recently purchased a 150 3 door commercial for work and play.
This is only my second Toyota the first being a Tercel 4x4 estate many many years ago.
I've had the LC for about 3 weeks now and like it very much.
It has a manual box and is proving to be pleasantly fuel efficient on my daily excursions.
I look after a river in North Aberdeenshire (water bailiff ) and need a 4x4 to access parts of the river and to negotiate winter roads. I enjoy shooting and fly fishing and train gundogs. The back is big enough for a large dog box and all my shooting, stalking, range equipment and fishing gear.
Fox control is a year round occupation and the generous ground clearance and off road ability should ensure that We don't get stuck in wet or snow.
My intension is to fit twin drawers to hold guns and kit on which the dog box will sit.

I have always driven 4x4 with many Suzukis, Landrover, Subaru, Mitsubishi and now my second Toyota.
All in all I am very pleased with the truck though there are a few things I am not overly happy with.
The car does not come with a spare wheel and there is no provision to fit one. The radio etc lacks a built in sat nav so this means plugging in a phone and wires dangling about.
So ! not perfect but we can live with the couple of short Cummings.
Welcome another Aberdeenshire member.
enjoy the 150
i have fished the Deveron a couple times, but the Findhorn is usual haunt now on a beat by Dad rents/leases.
Fit like Andy.
I have fished the Deveron a couple of times and was lucky enough to grass a fish on one occasion.
These Landcrusers are not easy to find. I had been looking for a three door for quite a while but none were available locally. It was by chance that I met one of my angers at a bankside meeting who had just had one delivered from Northern Ireland . He gave me the number for Lesley Barfoot at Northern Ireland Car Sales 07525408084 and was very pleased with the courteous and professional service they provided even delivering the car to his door at no extra cost.
On contacting the chap he told that he did have one with only 2500 miles. It is grey which is my preferred colour so we made a deal. The car was delivered again at no extra cost to my door. It was as new condition and a fine looking dog transporter, shooting and fishing truck.
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