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NEW shocks and Springs


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Jun 8, 2023
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Hi, I purchased a 1997 80 series AWD manual 4500efi anniversary series wagon, here in Australia. I must say I love it. Its due for a new suspension shocks and coil springs, I will use the car for mainly road touring and some off road trails on occasion like cape york type trips Queensland and the coorong air peninsular, SA Some holiday off road family destination camping. Rather than Weekend off roading. Do I need to go for heavy duty springs and shocks.

Do I also need a 40/50 ml lift kit or should i be able to tackle med grade trails with standard height.
For those who have installed a 5oml lift did they notice much on the cornering and handeling, was it enough to notice, an increase in body roll. Also what about petrol consumption, did this increase slightly.
Thanks for any replies.
Koni 90 Raids with King springs work well
Same as @SeaJay...... had my HD Kings Springs shipped in from Australia and Koni Raids from UK. (For a 2" lift). Not cheap but the B**^"^'s.