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New Simex tyres (longish)



Well, I've just got home after a couple of hours off road with the new
tyres and they get full marks. The site wasn't as muddy as I would have
liked but where there was mud of any depth the Simexes just ploughed
Rock faces required significantly less momentum and therefore I had more
control. Where I was most impressed though was ruts, the site is used by
off road instructors in 110 landrovers with 35" tyres and they leave
*very* deep ruts when the ground is soft, With the BFGs (Mud terrains
BTW, Lal) there were many occasions where I was literally stuck in a
rut, they (the BFGs) just didn't have the side grip to pull me out, but
the Simexes were fantastic, everytime I wanted to exit a rut I did!
Heres a comparison of the 3 sets (marks out of 10),
Bronco Grizzly Claw (31x10.50x15)
Mud 9
Rock 7
On road 3
Ruts 8
Lateral slip 8
Wear 4
Price 5
BFG Mud Terrains (33x10.50x15)
Mud 9
Rock 7
On Road 8
Ruts 3
Lateral Slip 3
Wear 7
Price 5
Simex Jungle Trekker 2 (33x10.50x15)
Mud 9
Rock 9
On road 7
Ruts 8
Lateral slip 8
Wear (dunno yet!)
Price 3
So the totals look like:
Grizzlys 44/70
BFGs 42/70
Simex 46/70 and (if wear is average - 5 points) that gives 53/70
This is all subjective of course, and time will tell if the Simexes live
up to expectations.
PS Lal, what measurements do you want me to take exactly?
Alan Thomson
Dunfermline, Scotland
1994 KZJ70, 2" OME lift, Warn HS9500, Custom exhaust,
33" Simex Jungle Trekkers