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(new tyres)



Hi Guys
Just thought that I would let you guys know all about the difference
between the old and the new tyres. Im not sure if im happy with them but ill
have to because im stuck with them now. If this is of no good to you as well
it may be probably just more crap from me but here goes anyway sorry.
I had 265 x70 x 15s on the cruiser for years and found them grand to be
sure. Now I have spent all me money on some new ones that are 285 x75 x 16.
They look great but the driving is different now.
The cruiser seems not to pull off as quick so ill have to be careful of
The ride has changed a lot it seems to be bumpy rather than bouncy.
The handelling seems to have more of a sway in it from the front I think.
It would seem that the little bits in the roads at the edges here seem to
be more pronounced than before.
I have to wait to get the OME fitted and I hope this will correct this but I
dont know story of my life really when it comes to the cruiser.
It would appear that a slightly heavier foot on the brake is required to
stop it compared to before.
It seems that it behaves different at corners too, kind of more of a pull
than before.
I did check all the tyres and made sure there is 40 psi in each because I
remembered MIk had issues with his tyres of the same size and it was
recomended to do this. So it seems that the cruiser has changed in some way
because of the bigger tyres.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
I made the same change of tyre size recently. I found:
A harsher ride (but I always found the ride to be too soft before so I'm
No noticeable change in acceleration
Braking is smoother (or seems so)
Less 'wandering' from the steering.
But, I run mine at 28 psi
john byrne wrote:
Hello guys
Bumpy ride - reduce pressure.
Handling problems - well you didn't seriously expect bigger tyres are
there to help handling, did you?
Acceleration - as the wheel cimcumference increases, to make one full
turn the wheel has to travel a longer distance on tarmac, hence the
time required to make one full turn is longer than in case of smaller
wheel, and acceleration requires more energy (i.e. torque) to be
output by the engine.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80