Nikon D200



I believe they're both good. Probably comes down to a combination of
personal preference, how many Canon / Nikon lenses you already have and
whether you like the Canon's full frame sensor.
The sensor issue is what made me switch to Canon 2 years ago - basically,
the full frame sensor is the same size as a 35mm neg. That means that all
your lenses have the same focal length. So a 24mm still acts like one. Nikon
use a smaller sensor, which is fine, but means that a 24mm will typically
become a 36mm and loses some of it's wide angle ability. Of course this also
means that your telephotos get greater reach.
I switched to Canon and don't regret it. However, Nikon have made big
strides at catching up and now there's little in it, in my opinion and the
choice is much harder today.
Neill Watson
On 19/3/06 4:17 pm, "Dennis Lamminga" <[Email address removed]> wrote:


Hi Dennis et al
Currently in the states filming tanks... not cars like ours but the real things,
the Abrams M1A2 - awesome. just spent the day in the worst car in the world
though ... a Humvee...
If I bought a digital slr it would be a Nikon as I have Nikon glass but at the
risk of sounding boring I'm not convinjced by the whole digital thing yet. None
of them quite fweels right in the hand which is one of the imprtnat factors for
me. And when I've hired cameras, the dust-on-sensor issue is a real problem.
Changing lenses and keeping the the dust out is a nightmare.
I also like the panoramic format amongst others and currently use a Hasselblad
XPan and there is no digital equivalent. Rather than buy a digital slr i will
probably sell one of my cameras and buy a Widelux. Fantastic piece of kit that
can produce very special wide angle panoramic pictures.
If however i do go digital another reason I would go Nikon is that their lenses
are far better at the edges for resolution and sharpness when used on D200 and
D2x. It is a long and complicated story why but I can point people in the right
direction. It's all to do with sensor size, pixels, lens construction, etc.
Off now to let rip with the 120mm smooth bore gun on the tank. I'll bring one
back for you Julian
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