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No New Land Cruisers in the UK


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May 11, 2017
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Well I just went to the Toyota GB website for some info… There are no Land Cruisers, you cannot buy anything other than a Hilux from TGB now!
Wow. Just checked Autotrader and there are only 3 listed (all with the same 'Yota dealer I think). What do you think - supply issue, or is Toyota quietly withdrawing the Cruiser from the UK?
Had to go to my local Mr T last week for parts, usually the showroom has at least 2 new in there,
Now it's filled with new Aygo and Auris, same on forecourt.
There was one latest year's reg. parked down the side, probably waiting for new injectors, going by problems Rob had.
It's been known for a while the Landcruiser was being withdrawn, and Toyota (among others) are helping the government in their quest.
Guess they can't invest in the r&d for an electric version.
Intrigued to know the ban on new fossil fuel cars will impact the import market for them.
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Don't confuse Toyota with Toyota GB .... the latter are importers and as such decide what vehicles and what spec the vehicles are they order from Toyota .
Toyota GB have been for several years backing away from Landcruiser... initially by stopping importing HD versions like the 200 and 300 and now the medium duty versions.....
They've had an issue in the current LC they do import isn't rated to tow 3.5 ton so thereby has been losing the traditional HD cruiser customers who use them commercially to tow .

Toyota have a huge amount invested in the Landcruiser brand worldwide where they sell HD cruisers and will continue to sell them in those markets for many years to come .
Landcruiser as a brand in the UK has lost it's way with rust and reliability issues and the competition for the school run 4x4 market that makes up most of the UK market has many better , more powerful and refined 4x4's available to the Yummy Mummy market where reliability counts for little
Interestingly 2 of my farming customers have ordered Landcruiser commercials.... one took delivery of his SWB one a week ago after an 11 month wait and loves it .
The other one is still waiting.... having ordered his LWB around the same time.... and no real due date... only vague promises... he's not so happy
Aye, wait times on Hiluxes are similarly ridiculous... guys on the HPOC are reporting anything up to 12 months, and one guy 550 days+, which is frankly crazy.
I had a poke nose at Hilux when i was at Toyota couple of weeks ago, prices are ridiculous but then so are Corollas, seeing those prices gave me the push to get on with this year's rustproofing of the existing fleet.
Maybe the "anti SUV" sentiment that seems to be gathering pace in this country had a bearing on the decision, what with the LEZ/ULEZ's springing up everywhere and the climate activist pr*cks kicking off at every opportunity ?
It's not just the Toyota trucks. My mum waited nearly two years for her little Yaris Cross and still didn't get the spec or colour she ordered.
Towpack...... too be fair most of the SUV's seen in leafy suburbs are pointless and just school run vehicles....
3 well known Private schools around here..... it's unusual to see the school run carried out in anything not an SUV with low profile tyres .
The guys at T have been saying that the RAV4 and highlander line is their play for large vehicles now.

It just looks like a few ex demos now on sale, someone go snap them up.
Spoke to Steven eagle in Cambridge today, I had to get a sump washer and was driving past.

Turns out the LC is indeed available to order, but wait times are 3years +
More to the point.... you order a 2023 Model and by the time you get it they have changed the model and yours although new is an old model so has already lost £ thousands....