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No New Land Cruisers in the UK

One thing stuck out like a sore thumb, no petrol option Diesel only.

So same as a 4x4 Duster - unfortunately, I'd much rather have a petrol for what I'd want it for.

It's only the west in a headlong rush to self inflicted penury, what with project Zero and all the other bullshine, the rest of the world arn't going to bankrupt themselves to please politician and media owning oligarchs who travel in private jets to Davos to lecture working people for daring to think themselves above serf statuts.

Certainly not law yet but there's a push to ban diesel in Indian cities within the next 4 years. China phasing out petrol and diesel by 2035. There are some little western nations holding out on fossil fuel though, the insignificant one south of Canada for example.
Doesnt say much, but here you go!


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Well, here is the Lexus GX 2024. It's a ladder frame, same as the one used on the Tundra.

Does not look half bad, and the specs look good on paper - best of all at a $60k otr price, I can't imagine why this isn't the next light duty land cruiser?

So far it looks like this won't get to the UK markets though :(


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I think this is "just" the 250 with a Lexus badge for the US market? I'm guessing why you can't order a 150 any more. They have to make what there are orders for before selling the 250. Or of course maybe the 250 will never come to Europe.
Tbh, not heard about a 250.. this one, the Lexus GX, is much larger than a 150 or even the 200 for that matter.
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Each to their own, doesn't matter really as the UK won't see it unless on import.
The article (in a British publication) says it's coming to the UK, and quotes an expected UK minimum price. Plenty of other stories saying it's the new European model.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Coming To Europe With A 201 HP 2.8-Liter Turbodiesel | Carscoops - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado) for Europe Has 2.8L Diesel, Mild Hybrid Coming in 2025 - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
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“New 70” :sweatsmile: B pillar back looks identical, just another change to the front aesthetics. Looks like they tried to merge the old and current styling, (and failed IMO) Only the engine is really any different with a hybrid 2.8D based on the Hilux.
The new front for the 70 series really combines the heritage of the 70.

The top of the front wing below the bonnet line to the wing mirror and the front of the wheel arch is early lj70 bundera, the indicator and the lower front panel under the grill is heavy early 70, the rear of the wheel arch and front bumper is current 70 series, the grill combines early bundera and heavy.

The gap in the bonnet line is 40 series and not seeing the top of the bonnet but looks to have the replication of the 40 series bonnet shape, just like the 60 series has and is similar to the early heavy 70 series.

Looks quite nice tbh. But that carwow video seems to either be green screen fail or that man shrunk quite a bit.

Otherwise this is what I have been driving this week...


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how did you find the experience @GeekOKent ? Im not particularly keen on the stadium lights but other than that I've been waiting for them to appear here.
@Rosy they are very very nice. The entire thing feels very well put together and the ride comfort is really really good. I would say it puts the Tesla 3 and the Tesla X to shame.
I called Steven eagle here today, to be told that the 1st edition of the new 250 are 'all sold' and when booking open in Nov, it may already be for q3/q4 2024 going to q1 2025

What the hell...
I think wait times on Hilux are similar - a few guys on the Hilux forum were waiting well over a year for theirs.
What does everyone prefer on the new 250. The retro first edition round lights or the standard rectangular ones? I quite like the look of the round ones
With all this anti-diesel plans going on, If the UK and EU models come with petrol hybrid engines, they ll be good.