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No oil in my transfer case!


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Apr 2, 2023
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I have been chasing a noise in my drivetrain for a couple of months. The truck is a 96 KZJ90 MTN which I bought this winter.

Recently I had not heard any odd noises and even had it up on a lift, and all looked good.

Today I heard the noise again, came home, and drained my transfer case into a clear measured pitcher, and there was so little oil it didn't make it to the first mark. ugh

I didn't see any metal, so I'm going to refill it, run it a bit, and drain it again.

Since it ran with so little oil should be looking for a new transfer case? Or should I just start buying parts to re-seal it and replace the bearings?

Thanks for any advice
I would put the oil in and delay testing the different lever options for a while . I would assume all this time the lever has been in HL and so how hot things got would be the tell .

Toyota tough if it drove ok before then oil can only help ..... we hope .