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Noise coming from dash area. 2018 vx 200 series


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Oct 27, 2022
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Hey all I have recently purchased a 2018 vx land cruiser no more than 3 weeks ago and now I’m hearing this strange noise coming from my Speedo area.
The noise only happens when I’m driving and over speeds above 70km. I will post a video of the noise and just hoping someone can help me out.
I can’t seem to find where it’s coming from, there’s no vibration in the car or anything else that I can feel.
It’s booked in next week to get look at but it’s quite annoying
Hi. I have the same noise in my 2016 GXL. Did you work out what the noise was?
Hi gents,

Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue. My 2018 GXL just started doing this only around 80 klm. Comes and goes with no other faults detected - been back to Toyota and they tell me nothing is wrong with it and they couldn't fault it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi. Same problem with my 2018 VX. First noticed it a few years ago, but only at cruising speed and uphill with the van on the back. Now it does it frequently when just out for a drive without the van. Only happens at highway speeds. It will happen regardless of the quality of the road surface and makes no difference uphill or downhill. My son is currently pulling the dash apart to see if he can find the cause. Hopefully he'll find something soon.
Never had such noise personally but saw an old thread from 2017 in Australia toyotaownersclub. It’s a tapping noise related to temperature control valve. Increasing AC to warmer temperatures seem to work in that post
Hopefully the problem has just been fixed. There were 2 pieces of metal making contact on the steering column. It looks like one of them had been accidentally bent at some stage. My son was able to straighten it back by hand and so far the noise hasn't returned. He suspects that we (or the grandkids) may have bent it by going too far under the dash with our feet. My son took a photo if any one wants it I'll get him to send me a copy.
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