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Prado 95 Noise at highway speed, Any ideas???

So here’s an update for everyone. I did a highway run today, before and after the timing belt change and the noise seems to go away if I change lanes or go around a sweeping curve in either direction. I’m leaning towards tires. I hope to have them all balanced and rotated tomorrow. I’ll check the exhaust near the muffler. The car runs and drives like a dream, it’s just this damn noise! Would like to square it away before my Switzerland trip this summer.
Our roof bars resonate a little at about 70-75km/h, but it stops by about 85km/h.
Have you played with the tyre pressures?

Found one of my bushings worn on the pan hard rod. It’s loose enough that when I push the rear wheel(perpendicular to direction of travel) it makes a clunk. I’m hoping this is related. I ordered two new bushings from rough trax but I read my Haynes manual and it says if the bushings are bad, the entire rod assembly neeeds replaced. This has to be inaccurate right? Why would they sell the bushings if you can’t replace??
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No harm trying if you have the bushes, can't see any harm reusing it as long as it's not damaged or bent etc.
Hope you solved your problem. I‘m very interesting how? I bought my Prado 150 EXR 2020 in April this year. Similar strange noise appeared almost after purchase. After 120 km/h the sound looks like airplane acceleration on the high altitued. The sound going from the right side of the car. After releasing accelerator the sound getting less Same as after 135 km/h. Do you have any idea what it could be?
The sound going from the bottom right side. Some one told me it could be bearing, but the sound should be all the time in this case, I think.