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Our 100 Series Over Land Cruiser


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May 4, 2018
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Hi folks,
Thought I'd share a few photos of our new Land Cruiser and re-introduce it to the forum. A few of you might recognise it as it was owned previously by two forum members (Julian and then Doodle).

I headed down to Manchester on the train with my Dad on Halloween to meet the seller (a nice genuine guy that was planning an overland trip in it but had a change of plans). After a test drive around the city streets, a deal was done and we set off, back up the motorway in Amazon comfort. Stopped off at Tebay services for a decent meal (and then a quick stop to look at two old Land Rovers we spotted for sale in someones front garden)!
The truck drove great all the way home and a good day was had by all.

Heres a list of as much of the spec that I can find/remember (handy to keep a list for my own benefit as well):

Its the HDJ100 4.2, 4 speed automatic, 1999 V-reg in VX spec
Full Gearbox rebuild and new torque convertor, new friction plates
ARB Sahara Front winch bumper with foglights and ARB’s LED sidelights (quite rare and hard to get outside Australia apparently)
Goodwinch TDS-9.5i, fitted with air freespool, plasma rope and winch thimble
Hella Luminator 100w spot lights
TJM rear bumper with facility for dual carriers
Full Asfir under body protection
Fox Long travel dampers with external reservoirs, rebound adjustable
OME Torsion bars and 863 springs
Slee Diff Drop, Just Diffs long travel upper control arms, extended ARB links, polybushed
Front diff rebuilt by Jon Wildsmith with an ARB front air-locker, solid pinion space and new bearings
Safari snorkel
ARB compressor mounted under the bonnet with hookup for inflating tyres
BF Goodrich all terrain tyres
Patriot roof rack 2.4m (with shower screen pullout currently not fitted)
Howling moon awning 2.5m
Waxoyled underneath and in the cavities
Pioneer big screen stereo
TTL CB radio (not currently fitted)
Hannibal rear awning 1.4m square (not currently fitted)
Locker switch changed to an 80-series front/rear example to control both axles
Pin7 modification has been performed to allow independent control over transfer box and centre diff
Carling switches with dedicated connectors and custom looms running via conduit to the auxiliary fuse/relay box under the bonnet for the lights and winch
The winch has a master switch under the bonnet, with the wired controller connection next to it. There are further switches in the cabin to control the air freespool and winch in/out
Alternator reconditioned
2 new batteries fitted a week ago
Its got a load of service history, main dealer initially the independent right up to a few thousand miles ago (due a service now).

There was loads of other things the guy had like the Patriot Roofbox, MyWay Serengeti roof tent, Jerry can holders, inverter, battery management system, leisure battery, water purification system, taps, plumbing bits, calorifier, etc, etc, but I didn't need any of that as the most 'overlanding' we're planning to do is day trips to the beach and into the hills.

Im really happy with it so far, the service history and having things like the AHC suspension changed and the gearbox recon with new torque converter took a lot of the worry out of the purchase. Still a few jobs to do to it though.

The seller was certain the centre and rear diffs were working correctly but I couldn't get the rear one to lock. I'll need to investigate further but not tried it again since I got home. Also, theres a bit of play in the front passenger wheel bearing (it was an mot advisory).

Im planning to do a good bit of maintenance myself with the help of the friendly folk on the forum. I might add a few extras and modifications as well.
It'll be used as a daily driver and weekend tourer to the beach and hills.

Looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts and suggestions for it.
Only got a couple of photos of when I collected it and one from the other day. I'll get some more up soon :thumbup:



IMG_8586 copy.jpg
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Looks like a super buy there Jamsy, well done. Is the guy selling the stuff you didn't take?
Very nice James... I remember seeing that on ebay ( that bit of trim missing).. good on yer enjoy it mate... Looks alright:thumbup:
Well done, Jamsy. I saw that listed on eBay for all of about five minutes. A lot of gear for the money.

Good luck with it and give me a shout if there’s anything you want to get rid of as you go along.
Very nice James... I remember seeing that on ebay ( that bit of trim missing).. good on yer enjoy it mate... Looks alright:thumbup:
Any suggestions where I could get the bit of missing trim?
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Any suggestions where I could get the bit of missing trim?

Well I could suggest somewhere but from what I gather all club members have been " blackballed" so I'd look through Ebay for a proper breaker or bite the bullet and see Mr T.
Top tip: Once you’ve tracked down the missing trim, buy a small roll of 3M M261 matte grey car wrap vinyl, cut to size and cover all the faded centre strips. £15 that will make a BIG difference to the look of your new car.

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Cheers Andy, I'll try ebay.

Thanks for the tip Jacob, I'll add that to the growing list of jobs I have planned for it. First of which will be to get a look at the starter motor as it seems to have developed the 'clicking' fault sometimes when trying to start.