I joined this list to see what people were doing over in Europe. I am
in Japan. I will not use the list to solicit business. So this will be
my first and last posting on the topic.
I export parts out of Japan. I have sold some items to Europe and have
quoted a few more.
Anyway on to more fun stuff. I have a 1990 FJ75 here, with a bobbed
tail and cable locking diffs, 4 wheel disks and front and rear winches.
I seldom drive it as it eats gasoline like mad and makes the locals
nervous. But it sure is fun to drive when I do.
Dave Stedman
Importers and Distributors
[Email address removed]
Direct Dial to Dave from the USA 510-931-6324


Hi Guys
I am looking for a front bumper for a HDJ 80 in black in very good condition
a drivers side headlight no cracks and perfect reflectors,
an autobox aswell.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
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