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Pedders Suspension UK - A Hello from us!


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Feb 24, 2012
Hello and what a great forum.

Huge amounts of info, carefully sorted and easy to access.

We are Pedders Suspension. We offer many suspension components for the Land Cruiser (varying years) to keep you going and get you more ground clearance!

Please feel free to browse the website and throw any questions at us.

We are constantly improving the website with new products and upgrades.

Good to see such a good forum for one of the most reliable and capable Off-Road Vehicles around.

Forgot to add (can't find the Edit button), we ship anywhere within Europe.

Hi Mike, welcome to the club! Glad you're here - I've heard good stuff about Pedders kit from buddies in Oz, and you do seem to cater nicely for the LC marque, and especially the 120, which is good (as far as I'm concerned anyway!)

Are you able to offer 'competitive pricing' for bulk purchases (I'm thinking bush kits etc. here, not necessarily big-ticket suspension kits).

Hi Mike, saw you at the indoor show this year. Liked the look of you 80 series bushes. Looked at the website last week actually but it seemed to be waiting for information on certain things. I would be interested in stock replacement bushes for front and rear radius arms and top radius arms on my 80, 1994 Derv Cruiser. I am not utterly convinced about the modern poly bushes. I noted that yours were more like the original rubber.

Welcome along. It is a great forum and we like having suppliers on board too especially if there is mutual benefit.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the comments.

We're more than happy to consider discounts on bulk orders of products. Please contact us directly for further details.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the comments.

We manufacture both rubber and poly bushes depending on the application. If they are poly bushes, they're not just a bush which has been turned up on a lathe but a bush which has been properly designed to give and work in the correct direction as per the suspension allowing a the bush to last longer.