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Pedestrians and revised high code.

With the phenomenal multiplication of traffic cameras at almost every junction bend in the road curve in the road and straight bit of road do we actually need crash cameras the only reason I got a crash camera was because someone stupid walked out in front of me with headphones in head down looking at their shoes six years ago and thought I would need to protect myself this also harks back to when Sony brought out their Walkman machine and back then kids and pedestrians were getting seriously hurt because they were not AWARE of their surroundings Pedestrians Cyclists Motorists should All be aware of the surroundings Motorists can be done for talking on the phone whilst moving on the road the same should be true for others when either on the road or crossing the road
When are they going to update the Green Cross Code
1st find a SAFE place to cross
2nd Look left and right and left again
3rd Cross the road LOOKING left and right
That is all I can remember but I'm still ALIVE
SO is the green x code A code book A rule book or Law just the same way the highway code is to ALL road users even if you are walking
Big section in the highway code applicable to pedestrians. Green cross code is just an advertising campaign, although it is referenced in the highway code. Pedestrians should take care, but drivers should take more care.

If someone walks out without looking along a stretch of road away from a junction there is nothing in the highway code than implies liability on the driver. But depending on the type of road you should expect to moderate speed and increase your observation of what is happening on the pavement, for example in a residential area where children might be playing. This is explictly set out in the code. It is only at junctions where pedestrians have a right of way.
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Even if the motorist is proved blameless, they still get the any hospital bill, should an ambulance be called, which is plainly wrong and biased. The motorists vehicle, (should be) registered and traceable, a cyclist is not, and even if they stop can give wrong details, unless they are one of the sensible majority.
Even if the motorist is proved blameless, they still get the any hospital bill, should an ambulance be called, which is plainly wrong and biased.

Is that right? Got any citations? I didn't know hospitals in the UK charged for A&E.
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Another learning day, - it is right, personal experience !
I was billed many years ago when a child ran out from between a line of parked cars.
My speed was low, but with hard braking she was still knocked down, and fortunatley suffered only minor injuries, but was taken to hospital by ambulance.
No blame was attributed to me by police, but some weeks later I got a bill, which came direct to me, the registered owner and driver.
Another learning day, - it is right, personal experience !
I was billed many years ago when a child ran out from between a line of parked cars.
I stand corrected. £21.30 for each person to hit, plus 41 pence per mile if a doctor needs to travel.
Two little girls ran out in the road as i was going through some traffic lights (On Green) On my Motor Bike... I hit both of them, No serious Injuries to Them, But i suffered Broken Ribs/ Scufffs/ Bruises, smashed Bike etc etc..... It was on the junction right outside Newark Hospital... An Ambulance was Called (why)... They took me 30 ft and dropped me in A+E... After i was patched up, I got an £18 Hospital/Ambulance Fee..... The Moral of the Story is Dont Fall off a motor Bike with a Tin of Sliced Peaches in your Jacket inside Pocket....... Or if you can crawl to A+E... Do it.......
In many ways nothing has changed, as a sensible driver you've always had to be wary of the bully belligerant or plain absent minded pedestrian or cyclist, and if they decide to walk or ride out in front of you that you have taken all action you can re speed road positioning etc to not endanger them, this didn't need to be written into the highway code it's plain common sense, you take trebly more care if you drive a large vehicle.
The sensible pedestrian/cyclist isn't going to suddently start throwing themselves in front of you, because the sensible know that being in the right whilst in traction or on a cold mortary slab isn't an ideal they want to pursue.

I do however think this is just another of the many changes we're going to see as those in charge seek to remove us plebs from our private car transport, particularly in towns and cities, i expect we'll see more and more permanent road segregation schemes, where the amount of road available for cars etc wil diminish as space for segregated pedestrian and cycle/scooter traffic increases.

The funny thing about drivers who are really dangerous to pedestrians, is from what i've seen those who drive at main road speeds in housing estate roads past multiple parked cars sticking as close as they can to 30mph, if the unthinkable should happen they can trot out the ''i wasn't speeding (even if i'm as thick as two short planks)'' excuse, women feature far too regularly in people you see driving too quickly in confined spaces, and this is why blanket 20mph limits are appearing.

Supermarket car parks are another place where people drive far too quickly, but soon as it comes to maneuvering into a parking slot you could sit there brew a cup of tea and dunk and eat half a dozen choccy biscuits waiting for them to park, on the piss, and then open their door onto the perfectly parked car beside them.
The Majority of people are Not very Bright and Angry, (It use to be the Minority)...Anger and road rage is the Norm on our roads..... You can implement as many Laws new or Old but what's the point if we have No Policing in Place to enforce the Laws....Our Tiny Village is 30mph but the Angry Yobs and Pricks on Motorcross bikes are always flat out every where they go.... You can spend the rest of your life Reporting it to the Police or the council or whoever, But nothing is ever done, Whats the point in making certain Zones 20 MPH? No one takes any notice because there is no one to enforce it except Stupid old F&%ers like me Wagging my finger at them... People are prepared to Stab and Kill over what they think is their little bit of Road, Or right to drive/ride/ like Wankers..... The UK is a Angry shitty Place when we get behind the wheel... Belligerence is the Norm
Agree Mike , We have Horses, But Clare never goes on the Road... Stick to the Many Bridal Paths that are around, Its not Nice when your on 'yer' Bike Halfway round a bend and there's a 2ft Pile of horse shit Or a puddle of Diesel Or Ramblers Or Cyclist's Fixing Puncture's... Iv encountered them all....
To be honest, in the city I much prefer having the cyclists in the middle of the road, everyone knows what is going on. And for them to use the signals clearly.

Rather than bumper to bumper traffic with people swarming all over, and cabs trying to squeeze in between the lorry and the cyclists etc.
How does this work for when there are cycle lanes, are those going away now ?
How does this work for when there are cycle lanes, are those going away now ?

How does what work? Cyclists have to give way to pedestrians at a junction, same as a car. Cyclists have to give way to pedestrians on mixed use paths.

Some cycle lanes come, some go. There are very few useful ones. This is a good local one, about 15 yards long. But at least the surface is no worse than the road, and I can get on and off it without navigating curbs, barriers, lights, etc.