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Possible upgrade?


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May 13, 2019
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So we are in the situation of the moment of having 2 cars - the 2000 Prado 90 and a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer. We don't need 2 cars any more and are considering selling them and buying a better and diesel 4wd. We need to talk to the bank so nothing's decided but I think the LC 100 or 200 is way out of our budget. What might be is an early 150 or late 120. Depends on the market somewhat as I only want a manual and really a diesel. If it was just me an old LC80 or LC60 would be fine but that's too agricultural for my wife.

Anything to look out for on early 150s (2010 odd) or late 120s (2008 odd) or anything good to know with the 120 and 150? Have had no experience of them apart from driving my mate's 2005 1KZ based one for a short time - seemed lovely to drive but his is auto.

In particular I'm interested to know the expected clutch life. I know that is very dependent on use but a very rough idea would be good.

I need the size for camping and it needs to be able to tow a 1 ton camper trailer OK. Not that concerned about off-roading TBH, but the wife does not want a ute (pickup), has to be a wagon.
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Your wife doesn't like the 80, 60 or a ute? Maybe reconsider your marriage LOL! (Fortunately my missus has an 80 and also drives my Hilux).

Joking aside, my concern in the UK would be rust on a 120 or 150... but maybe less an issue in Oz, depending where it's lived and what it was used for? I'm sure someone will chime in with more thought on this one...
I did consider it but divorce will be a major faff after 23 years! I should have checked whilst we were dating. Sounds like you did well though haha.

Yes would have to check rust but most cars here have little or no rust unless abandoned for decades.

That said beach 4wd is popular and if you don't wash properly it's possible to get lower body and chassis rust from that.
Ok so we traded in the 90 for a 2016 150 series. Manual transmission and the 1GD engine, 220kkm on the clock. It's a country car so apart from the orange dust in some hard to get places I am hoping the clutch is still in good condition.