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Re hdj100+



The 105 is a basic 100 with a solid front axle. Used a fair bit by
Nato I believe.
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105 looks like a 100, but is quite different vehicle.
It is a sort of a "cheap" version of 100. It has no luxury, but is very
capable off road. That is why it is favoured by UN, NATO etc.
In Australia it is sold as "Standard" when other models are "GLX", "VX" and
Main differences, 105 has:
-solid front axle
-part time 4x4 (drive train is from 76 series (?))
-no turbo
-no automatic transmission
-no ABS (at least on older ones)
-no VSC, TRC, TEMS, AHC (100 has 2001 onwards)
-no locks on axles by default
-limited slip rear
-steering ball&nut (vs. 100s rack&pinion)
-steel rims by default
These differences are for vehicles sold in Australia. There are probably
dozens of different setups varying from market to another.
Here is few more different setups of 105s.:
Americans have only the V8 petrol-top-of-the-line-all-gadgets-included
models. Here is how to pimp 100 to a off road beast. The guy has also 80 (or
Lexus LX450).
Like Benoit wrote, 100 has a quite soft suspension by default. After all it
is built to be a luxury car which is capable to go off road.
Cure for this softness is easy, just add new shocks and springs. I have OME
suspension with 2" lift and the ride is much more firmer now.
Oskari Hellman
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-98 HDJ100
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