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Rear Brake Pad info - Tips


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Mar 10, 2010
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I recently changed my rear brake pads on the 200 and thought that it is worth sharing the following information/knowledge gained during the job.

There are two compatible part numbers (if you are using Toyota Genuine parts).

Firstly 04466-YZZE9 are the original ADVICS PS558H pads fitted from new corresponding with part no. 04466-60120. TOYODIY indicates these cover MY 2007-2011. These are coloured black.

Secondly 04466-60160 is I believe now the Optifit version of ADVIC VC044, These are coloured green. They cover a multitude of model years, the upshot of which is that either part number will fit.

I fitted 04466-60120 as I got a cracking deal from Toyota on these pads. £39.99 delivered.

Following installation of the pads however, I had a horrendous squeal under braking, (drivers side only) I stripped it down again to check one of the retention clips hadn't come undone, but all was good, I left it for a week thinking it would settle down but it didn't. I suspected the anti-squeal plates were the culprit as previous owner or Toyota dealer had fitted Blueprint Pads and anti-squeal plates which I had to swap onto my new pads.

I ordered a new set of Genuine Toyota anti-squeal plates (Part No. 04946-60120). And this solved the issue completely. The Blueprint plates are really very thin pressed steel, and a loose fit, the Toyota plates are considerably thicker, with a composite construction, steel with a rubberised inside face, and a tight fit to the pad.

The reason I suggested it may have been, Toyota who fitted the Blueprint pads, my local dealers part man told me if Toyota can't get genuine parts due to out of stock, lead times etc. they use Blueprint. I bought the car from Toyota last year, and it wouldn't surprise mean when preparing vehicles for sale, they can save money by fitting Blueprint parts if needed.

So the upshot, if you have squealing brakes following a pad replacement, fit the genuine anti-squeal plates if they have been swapped out previously.