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Rear coil spring spacers

Chris Feb 25, 2010

  1. Chris

    Chris Super Moderator Supporter I am in europe

    Having lifted, nipped and tucked and let everything settle, it appears that the rear of my 90 is a little lower than the front. I have run out of adjustment on the electric headlight leveling. OK I can adjust that manually, but the fact is that it's still not level. So, I have bitten the bullet and ordered some of these spacers. OK, if I had a lathe I would have spun them up myself. Until recently they would not have fitted on my Shortie as the rear bump stops are outside the spring, not like the 95 LWB that has cones INSIDE the spring. These slide onto the cone. I now have cones fitted courtesy of Mr Rubie's Toyota Emporium. The Aussie Dollar seems a little lower than last time I looked. So they have cost me £58 shipped. Once I have them slipped in, I will update.



    {Admin Note: Altered link to show pic :ugeek: }

    Thanks Admin. Jeez, it's so helpful to have you guys in the background always ready and willing to lend a hand to make this site a better place for it's real owners - the members! My post looks great now. Like a bought one!
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