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Rear side bumper flapping around.


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Jul 28, 2019
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Hi all,

The rear offside bumper which is plastic has dropped. I know that its keep on with a couple of screws. However, when I inspected the problem there is nothing for it to screw onto, and the funny thing is when I inspected the panel that it is supposed to be attached to there isn't anything for them to screw into nor is there any rust. I've searched the forum (and Dr G), but, can't seem to find anything about this specific problem. All that I can find is that they attach with self tapping screws, but, little detail about the situation that I find myself in. Can anyone either point me in the right direction or suggest a cure please ? :disrelieved:
If there's nothing to attach to, it's likely it's rusted away, but you said there's no rust ... Would be easier to help diagnose if you post some close up pictures.