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reclining middle seats



The inital mod is to cutoff (at least on US 1FZ trucks) a metal tab that
stops it going any further back.
This then allows the seat to recline all the way but not click into any set
positions as it has no teeth in that area.
If u have some grinding skills (may need to disassemble and be able to put
back the mechanism - has a strong spring and don't know anyone that has
tried but 'looks' do-able) u should be able to put in more teeth so allow
set positions.
I can send u a photo of one done (I believe from Japan 3rd-party supplier)
and standard (non toothed version) and wheel tab is ground off.
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The mechanism that allows the seats to recline does not have the teeth cut
in to the wheel to allow positions past the 'just past vertical', if your
mod encompasses this please advise. Thanks.
Regards, Clive.
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If you can send a photo I would appreciate it. I have already looked at the
mechanism and wondered if this was possible, I guess it is. I have no
problem with the engineering side, the grinding or assembly. Thanks for your
Regards, Clive.
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