Recommended campsites in Normandy?

Andrew Prince

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Feb 23, 2010
Hope this is the right place to ask this question...
We're heading off for a family holiday to Brittany in August - travelling with small kids means we want to break the trip up into 2 days, so the plan is to camp overnight somewhere along the way and I imagine that Normandy is halfway along our route. So, anyone got any recommendations for campsites along the way? We'll be following the motorways so would prefer something within reasonable striking distance of the motorway (<10miles). Looking for a campsite suitable for kids to run around - not a truckstop or gypsy convention :twisted:

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Andy Walker

Mar 6, 2010
Just look on google maps and type "camp" in the search - It puts little red blobs on the map where they all are - well, most of them - and there's usually a link on the red blob to the campsite so you get to look what it's like and how much it costs etc.