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Responding to threads using the 'quote' option instead of using the 'reply' box

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Feb 24, 2010
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This is perhaps worth re-posting as we're seeing a lot of members especially new ones needlessly quoting the previous post. Do you repeat everything that last person said to you in the pub? No. Well stop doing it on here then.

Folks, I'm unclear as to why but a great many of you seem to click the 'quote' or the 'reply' button when responding rather than the 'write your reply' option which is the large empty box at the bottom of each thread. I appreciate at times you may want to highlight a section of someone else's previous post, and that's fine, but some of you seem to be doing it by default.; typically quoting / replying the ENTIRE post too.
This makes threads unnecessarily long and at times, when the previous message contains pictures, other members then have to trawl through screens full of repeated material.

If you look at a random selection of threads, you'll see how widespread this is. If a member posts a thread entitled 'Where can I find roof rack for my 80 series?' and their first comments are, 'Guys I am looking for a roof rack for my 80 series' I can't think of any earthly reason why anyone would feel it necessary to quote that before responding with ' Have you seen this one?' BUT THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!!!

In terms of moderating it causes issues where comments need editing as we have to track down all of the 'copies' of the original that may have been re posted.

Please consider simply typing straight into the reply text box. If your response it relevant to the original title then your reply should be self evident.

Thank you
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