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Hi, Just joined and am hoping to find some help for this..
I'm getting a rear reversing camera and in-dash 7" TFT screen handed
down to me as a nice gift... so....
Does anybody have suggestions for getting the video cable from the
camera up to the dash area where the stereo normally sits ?
And, is there a way to pick up a "reverse" signal anywhere ? The
screen has a wire to connect to "reverse" so that it automatically
switches to the camera ?
It's been suggested i connect the camera to the reverse light for it's
power so it only comes on when reverse is selected ... is that a good
idea ?
Any hints, tips or suggestions would be very welcome !
many thanks
1997 3.0 TD Auto SWB
Birmingham, England.


I was in Munich just over a week ago on a recce/research trip and had a
Nissan Primera estate as my hire car. It was very snowy and they had no cars
with winter tyres which was surprising. I nearly leapt out of my skin when I
put it into reverse and the satnav screen suddenly went pale white... It had
a reversing cam but the low res camera couldn't cope with the whiteness of
the snow and and the camera was angled at such a silly angle as to make it
useless. I thought the whole idea was a bit naff until the weekend when I
was trying to slot the monster into a spot outside my house in north London.
Every now and then, because rear and side visibility is limited in my car
due to secured windows, I have to open the door and have a peek.
All this is purely anecdotal and of no help to you but it sounds like you
are heading in the right direction. You will have to route the video cable
under the carpet or you could run it under the car away from dirt and crap
and make use of the gearbox reverse switch. Chances are that you have the
camera 'on' all the time and off with the ignition key.
On 21/2/06 14:27, "Ian Charles" <[Email address removed]> wrote:


Hi Ian,
Welcome aboard. Out of interest how did you hear of the list?
Best bet is to run it under the carpet down one side of the vehicle -
you can unclip the side panels and also the covers at the bottom of the
doorways and then pull the carpet up to fit it.
The key thing is to find out what the system is expecting to pick up -
does the reverse signal need to be a +ve or -ve signal. Best thing to
do is to establish that first.
Then it should be a case of tapping into the appropriate wire either
coming from the gearbox of possibly even from the fuse block - not sure
if reverse is fused seperately.
I take it that you have a Colorado/Prado or is it another model?
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift
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