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Review: strong 150Wat ETFE Solarpanel


Sep 18, 2012


I have recently looked at 2-3 semi-flexible solar panels more closely, that is with me rather an ongoing task because my brother hijacks the panels continuously also again. My latest purchase is really good - with picture-in-picture I tried to visualize the performance.

Of course, the solar panel can't do magic either, but I've never seen such a yield in partial shading or under heavy cloud cover.

How good the workmanship is you usually only see over the years - here everything looks quite promising at first glance. A semi-flexible 150 ETFE Watt solar panel for less than 180 Euro - is really a bargain!

This solar panel is so flexible that it is better to mount it firmly. I always carried my flexible solar panel under the mattress in the Land Cruiser and only put it up when needed - I wouldn't expect this rather filigree solar panel to be used that way.

Article/Review: Review: Powerful 150 watt ETFE solar panel - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

The article visualizes also other situations and their light output. A pretty strong result!

My new travel vehicle (the presentation still follows) also with firmly stuck 390Watt on the roof comes along - I can at least also the use of semi-flexible ETFE solar panels on the roof - quite well judge. Works. Walkable with solid substrate. However, the comparison to glass based solar panels above is missing in my personal experience.

I hope the kind of visualization pleases :cool4:

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Thats amazing Surfy. A rigid one on the roof of my caravan does well on overcast days or partial shade, but nothing like that ! Good find.